Hi, I’m Sonni

I am a licensed therapist who offers online counseling and therapy for clients across South Carolina. I help people to create the life that they want through owning their narrative and finding their voice. My philosophy is centered around teaching people how to rewrite their narrative and become the main character in their life. I believe we live our lives through stories and experiences. From the stories we've been told about ourselves to the ones we've adopted over time.

Here’s How I Can Help

I provide mental health services, counseling and coaching offered online or via phone, rather than in an in-person setting.



Through 1-on-1 sessions, I'll help you to better understand yourself and examine aspects of your life you can build upon. Whether your goal is to have a healthier relationship with yourself, or others, I can help you get there.



Couples therapy can help you recognize and resolve relationship issues. Through virtual sessions, you'll resolve, rebuild, and strengthen your relationship through open communication and targeted therapeutic exercises.



Our online family therapy services help you problem-solve familial issues to improve communication and resolve conflicts. Deepen family connections and overcome stressful times with online therapy.

Adolescent services are also offered.

I offer a free consultation session to understand your needs, walk you through my approach, and ensure we're the right fit for one another.

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Me and my fiancé just love love love the level of communication and following up Sonni has done in keeping us honest as we strengthen the foundation of

our relationship.”

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