"Sonni is both knowledgeable and supportive as I interact with her. She was able to establish rapport quickly, and uses methodology that has high fidelity to the challenges that I am currently facing."

"Sonni has been a wonderful therapist. She is personable and friendly as well as educated and experienced with our situation going on."

"Very down to earth and relatable.

Love her!"

"She is a very good therapist and listens to me even when I don’t even know what I’m talking about . She helps me find my way through what I’m going through and always there to listen, gives great advice and answers in good timing. Does an amazing job!

"I wasn't immediately sure if I would get along with Sonni, but after a few weeks she really seemed to understand my very complex situation and has helped me keep focus on the bigger long term concerns rather than the day to day drama. She often asks simple questions, but in a way that turns my attention where it should be."

Sonni is absolutely wonderful. She is empathetic, helpful and REAL. We feel so comfortable opening up to her and she has really helped us have some difficult conversations with each other and move past some major hurdles. Thank you, Sonni!